No Job is Too Much for the Tough Trimmer™


• Easily attaches to most trimmers* (see footer for details)

• 8 Powerful spring loaded, specially treated stainless steel blades

• Reversible so you can turn any trimmer into a tough trimmer

• Much larger diameter then  regular trimmer head so you can get any job done twice as fast

• Trim around objects with ease - the retractable blades mean you don't have to worry about hitting rocks, fences, or decking



Even the most expensive trimmers come with flimsy trimmer strings that always seem to break or need replacing. Tough Trimmer's powerful, stainless steel blades never need sharpening and will get any job done no matter how difficult. 


WARNING! This trimmer will save you money and time! A lot of time!
WARNING! This is not for use around plants you want to keep!

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What type of trimmer does the Tough Trimmer need to work properly?

Use with gas powered straight shaft trimmers. It comes with universal attachment tools.

What brands does Tough Trimmer fit?







-Red Max

-Stihl * (will require nut, bolt cover, thrust washer)  these are the additional parts we will offer on our site for $5.95 + $2.95 S/H







-Weed Eater

-Bolens Cub Cadet

-Yard Machines

-Pouland Pro

-If you do not see your trimmer brand please send us an email so we can help accommodate your brand with the proper tools and installation tips.

What is included in my purchase?

The reversible (blue & red) Tough Trimmer attachment, universal attachment tools, 100% satisfaction guarantee. The actual Trimmer itself is NOT included. 

How do I order replacement blades?

Replacement blades are $6.95 + $2.95 S/H. Click HERE to order. 

I have a Stihl trimmer, do I need any extra parts?

Yes for the Stihl brand you will need a Nut, bolt cover, and thrust washer.  You can purchase these parts on our site HERE or at your local hardware store.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely. We are so confident you will love your Tough Trimmer that we offer a 30-day 100% satsifaction guranatee or your money back - no questions asked! 

Different Ways to Get Tough with the Tough Trimmer™


  • "My husband LOVES his Tough Trimmer! It literally gets any job done no matter how tall the grass is, how close it is to edges of our deck or house, or if sticks and rocks are in the way. Sometimes he will get out the Tough Trimmer instead of the lawn mower!! That's how much he loves it and how quickly it gets the job done. HIGHLY recommend!"

    - Dianna Y. 

  • "The Tough Trimmer is awesome! I have no idea how I ever used a regular trimmer before now that I am used to how powerful and quick the Tough Trimmer is. I will never be going back to a regular trimmer again.

    - Jacob S. 

  • "This thing is my favorite yard maintenance tool EVER. I can perfectly trim my entire yard, front and back, three times as fast as before. The Tough Trimmer is super heavy duty, high quality, and hands down the best. The trimmer I had before wasn't anything special, but now that I attached the Tough Trimmer on it I have what feels like a $500 trimmer!"

    - Kyle W. 

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30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

We are so confident you will love your Tough Trimmer that we offer a 100% satsifaction guranatee or your money back - no questions asked! 


In no event shall Tough Trimmer be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.