IMPORTANT: Tough Trimmer works on a wide range of models. In this instruction, we selected common timmer models for demonstration.Tough Trimmer will attach to almost all gas-powered straight shaft trimmers.


Stihl Model

Note: This particular unit requires a flat washer and a cup washer that need to be purchased from Tough Trimmer or local lawn mower shop.

STEP 1: Put the plate washer back on. Insert the selected tool on top of the head, holding it during the entire process

STEP 2: Place the Tough Trimmer unit red side up. 

Note: The picture below shows blue side up because the unit is held upside down.

Note: Make sure Tough Trimmer is centered, or it will cause vibration that could
damage the unit or cause injuries.

STEP 3: Place washer, cup washer, and lock nut. 

STEP 4: Make sure to tighten the nut by using the selected tool.

STEP 5: Release the selected tool and now your Tough Trimmer is ready for use. 


Craftsman, Echo and Makita Model 



Note: The following items are included items in your Tough Trimmer Box. You may not use all of the items depends on your model. Please refer to the label for the rest of the procedure. 

STEP 1: Assemble Tough Trimmer prior to installation on your trimmer.

STEP 2: Screw in the metal cup into Tough Trimmer. Make sure to tighten screws diagonally to apply equal pressure.  

STEP 3: Place the plate washer back onto the trimmer, and insert the selected tool to secure it. 

Note: For Makita model, place the spacer provided with the Tough Trimmer.

STEP 4: Place the Tough Trimmer on your trimmer. Then, insert the proper nut into the center hole of the Tough Trimmer. Use the included spacer to push it all the way in. 

STEP 5: Rotate Tough Trimmer until it is tightened. Remember to remove the space after tightening the Tough Trimmer to your unit.