WARNING: Please read the operating manual and follow all safety and warning instructions.  Failure to do so can result in serious injury.


  1. Do not use the Tough Trimmer with electric trimmers.
  2. Do not hold the Tough Trimmer by blades. Use gloves while installing and operating the Tough Trimmer. (blades are sharp)
  3. Do not exceed 8,000 RPM
  4. While operating the Tough Trimmer, keep all bystanders and pets at least 50 feet away.
  5. Do not wear opened toed shoes while operating the Tough Trimmer. Heavy work boots recommended.
  6. Protective eye gear is highly recommended.
  7. Do not operate your Tough Trimmer while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication
  8. Make sure your footing and balance is firm while operating the Tough Trimmer. Always keep cutting attachment below the waist for best results.
  9. Make sure to wear long pants, gloves, protective eye wear while operating. Loose clothing and jewelry should be taken off before operating.
  10. Objects may ricochet or be thrown in various directions, never operate trimmer without protective shield that comes with trimmer. (do not use near glass items)
  11. Always turn engine off and make sure head is not rotating before setting down trimmer.
  12. Use caution while trimming around solid structures. Blade may cause damage to structures or trimmer if not used properly.
  13. Do not use if metal blade is damaged or bent.